Do You Need A Watch?

It wasn’t so long ago that watches were a necessary fashion accessory. I can remember feeling naked without one. If I left it on the nightstand when I went to school or work, I got to know my bare wrist really well. Is that a freckle or a mole?

I can remember running around all day like a headless chicken. Am I late for class? Is it lunchtime yet? I had to rely on the wall clocks, if they were working, or annoy classmates asking for the time.

Fast forward 30 – OK, 40 – years and I don’t even own a watch. I have a few in drawers around the house but none of them works. I’m a smartphone watcher now. My smartphone cost about $500; I always had watches under $500 — way, way under $500.

So I started to think, does anyone wear a watch anymore? If so, who? And why? I hereby offer you the fruits of my research on the pros and cons of wearing a watch, who is still wearing one and why they are still wearing one.

The most obvious reason to wear a watch is to be on time for all of your appointments. But If I don’t wear a watch I can always show up fashionably late. Also there are tons of watches that complement your fashion, so nothing like wearing a cool tough looking watch like G-Shock or Luminox to impress your first date.

Tough Watches

Watches are smaller than smartphones, and they don’t need charging all day. On the other hand, watches are so small that they’re easy to forget if you take them off to wash your hands. I know. I’ve lost many. Somewhere there’s a bathroom with a lot of watches. They were probably mine, but you can keep them now because, well, you know.

Those little ticking timepieces don’t ring and cause a distraction like smartphones. There is no con with this pro.

Watches have straps that you can change depending on your mood or what you have on. I never had more than the strap that came with the watch.

That’s enough pros and cons. Let’s get to who still wears a watch and why. First and foremost, have you ever seen a nurse or doctor without one? Nurses use them when they’re checking pulse rates. Doctors mostly wear them as status symbols. They almost never wear watches under $500.

Divers wear watches because theirs tells them how much time they have left to dive, among other things. The best dive watches come with tons of features like depth indicator or the water temperature.

Rappers, too, tend to still wear watches. Theirs on big and gold or silver with lots of jewels. I doubt they even tell time.

People who drive for a living probably wear watches, too. It’s a lot easier to look down at your arm than to take your eyes off the road to fiddle with your phone.

School teachers, especially science and math teachers, most likely still wear watches. They like to be precise, you know. “Aren’t you done with that test yet? Look at the time!”

And, last but not least, the president of the United States always wears a watch. Think about it. Can you recall seeing any president without one?

If you do, ask him if he left it in the bathroom.

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