Popular Mario Plush Toys You Must Have

Hands down the video game character that totally and completely revolutionized the industry forever, every single person that has ever played video games remembers the first time they met Mario. A small little pixelated Italian plumber in a red jumpsuit with a red workers hat, Mario worked his way through all different kinds of challenges and obstacles in an effort to save the Princess from Bowser. Hours and hours were spent every single day for most of our childhoods trying to complete the games on Nintendo, and even though very few of us were able to finally beat the game – many of us still struggling to this day – it remains some of the most exciting times we’ve ever had.

Mario has come to mean a whole lot of different things to a new generation of children, people who have grown up with new Nintendo systems and enjoy a fully realized super Mario. While the graphics have certainly gotten much better – and acclaimed gameplay revolutionize as well – the essence of this simple little video-game hero hasn’t changed one bit from day one.
So whether or not you’re still hooked on the old-school Mario that would have to jump on all of the different turtles, eat mushrooms to get bigger, and shoot down green pipes to lands unknown or you are only familiar with the Mario who drives racing carts around trying to dominate his friends it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that Mario has become a major part of your life, and will continue to be a driving force in video games – and popular culture – probably for the rest of time.

But if you’re not able to get your hands on quite enough Mario and can’t find the time to squeeze in more video games, you should look for some of the best Mario Plush toys that you can find. There are a number of officially licensed products out there that bear a smashing resemblance to this famous little Italian plumber, and you can enjoy Mario even when you’re not plugged in.
There certainly is no shortage of Super Mario Plush toys on the market today, and they all start off with a simple little Plush doll of the man in red and self. Standing at just 9 inches tall and wearing his blue overalls over a redshirt with his red and sporting the globally recognized mustache, you can snuggle up with this Mario plush toy any time of day or night.

But maybe your not content with Mario having to hang out all on his own – in fact, what would Super Mario be without his trusty sidekick Luigi. Probably be second favorite of the Mario plush toys on the market today, this Luigi Plush doll is 9.5 inches tall – just a bit taller than Mario himself – and is adjusted soft and cuddly. But if you’re going to start to spring for different Mario plush toys, you may as well go whole hog and get Mario’s arch nemesis Bowser, their trusty little dinosaur Yoshi, and the first love of kids growing up in the 80s Princess Daisy. All of these Mario plush toys are ultra collectible and will fit right at home in your residence.

Picture attribution:Ben Edwards

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